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Met al de berichtgeving rond allerlei rampen, en ook door de aankondiging van zovele activiteiten in Tienen, is het een tijdje geleden dat ik nog eens een fotograaf in de kijker heb gezet. Maar ondanks alle rampen wereldwijd, moeten we toch trachten ook naar positieve en mooie dingen te kijken. Dus vanaf nu geregeld terug prachtige foto’s op deze site.

Bezoek de site van deze fotograaf voor meer door te klikken op de link onder de laatste foto

Theo Herbots the voice from #Tienen

Bron: Peculiar
Everyone keeps asking if the earthquake and hurricane had any effect on our weather here.  I can’t notice that it has, other than a week of rain during earlier hurricanes and tropical storms …

Bron: Chapala Sunset | lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown







4 gedachten over “Chapala Sunset | lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

  1. Thanks for reblogging.. I was at first mystified at how this ended up in the Daily Prompt Post since I’d already posted a different piece there. I clicked on it and then saw it was your reblog. I am so glad to have a place to comment to you because I have tried many times to find a place to comment on your blog and can’t find where to do so. I also haven’t been able to figure out where Tienen is. Is it in the Netherlands? For a long time I thought you meant Tiananmen Square! Duh. At any rate, glad to perhaps finally have my curiosity quenched. Judy

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    1. Dear Judy,
      Sorry for my late response, but I have recently been busy.
      I am pleased to receive such responses.
      As for Tienen, this is located in Flanders (Belgium).
      I like Blog, but I also like to put other Bloggers in the spotlight, I think every Blogger likes this …


  2. I don’t know how that slippery got in there. It should read glad to perhaps finally have my curiosity quenched. Gremlins in WP tonight!

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