Buying Visits To Your Site Is A Bad Idea

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We all want to build a bigger audience for our website and increase our earnings — but how we go about it is important. Every month, the WordAds team sees advertisers flag some of our program members for acquiring non-human traffic. The owners of these flagged sites often tell us that they didn’t realize they were buying fraudulent, non-human site visits, and promise not to repeat this decision. Unfortunately, once a site owner has purchased fraudulent traffic the damage is already done. Their site may never fully recover their previous status with paying advertising accounts.

As your advertising partners, we want to see you succeed and grow your WordAds earnings over time. So we decided to answer these frequently asked questions around the perils of buying site visits.

What is non-human traffic? Advertisers pay to display their ads in front of real humans. However, fraudsters have developed various means —…

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