Theo-Herbots-Herfstfotografie deel 3 ||Theo-Herbots-Autumn photography part 3

Elk seizoen heeft zijn charmes te fotograferen. Maar de herfst is voor mij (en ik denk dat voor veel andere fotografen) nog steeds iets bijzonders.

100 Herfstfoto’s die U zullen Inspireren

theoherbots100 foto’s

In Oregon, Multnomah Falls blow in the wind in the autumn time as tourist view from the bridge. by theoherbots

Shot at and in memory of the lost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. by theoherbots

Cora  by theoherbots

Newport Woods by theoherbots

Lonely logs in the orange autumn foggy woods during the sunrise
© 2017 Tomas Hudolin,
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iPhone 6s by theoherbots

Oulanka National Park in Finland at its finest by theoherbots

Beautiful fall colors on a wet drippy morning at the Cedar Creek Grist Mill by theoherbots

I like to drive around our current home city Zielona Gora, Lubush Voivodeship, Poland. It is surrounded by the forests, there are a lot of backside ro by theoherbots

Rough stone steps leading up. Taken in Czech Paradise, by theoherbots

Photographed in October 2007 this no longer used road provides a hiking path near Pyramid Lake in northern Nevada. by theoherbots

Warm autumn colors by theoherbots

October...and leaves fall from the trees... by theoherbots

Love by theoherbots

This pic was taken during last autumn, in Brittany, France.
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Autumn colors by theoherbots

Between stratus and light... by theoherbots

Southern New England Autumn by theoherbots

Located on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, it's the most photographed spot on the Parkway. by theoherbots

Autumn Reflections in Baegyangsa, South Korea by theoherbots

Autumn mood! by theoherbots

October by theoherbots

autumn forest by theoherbots

Woods by theoherbots

I like to drive around our current home city Zielona Gora, Lubush Voivodeship, Poland. It is surrounded by the forests, there are a lot of backside ro by theoherbots

A bench beneath an old tree in the Wave Hill botanic garden, overlooking the Hudson River and the Palisades. Wouldn't you love to just spend a fe by theoherbots

It is been a rare state of nature on the edge of the autumn and winter. The morning was cold with the hoarfrost. The trees were still yellow and orang by theoherbots

This was shot in Pollock Pines, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe. These are the mountains where my wife and I b by theoherbots

Belarusian National Park "Belavezhskaya Pushcha", forest lake, Brest region, Belarus. by theoherbots

High rock in a autumn woodland by theoherbots

Foggy autumn morning by theoherbots

The river that float trough my village has made a couple of ponds. This is one of them an early morning with some frost in the grass. by theoherbots, Qc, Canada by theoherbots

Mt. Fitz Roy at the crack of dawn. by theoherbots

Basquecountry autumn by theoherbots

A wild dear licking his chops after doing some foraging. 
2015-10-20 NNP 205 by theoherbots

The golden light of fall.  There is nothing prettier!  Shenandoah National Forest. by theoherbots

A misty, moisty Autumn morning at Loch Chon in the Scottish Trossachs - part of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park by theoherbots

An autumnal walkway in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland by theoherbots

The body and the soul. by theoherbots

Autumn Leaf by theoherbots

Ilidza, Sarajevo, Bosnia by theoherbots by theoherbots

Mateseee by theoherbots

Dawn in the natural park.
Veps Forest is a specially protected natural area of ​​regional importance. Group of Vepsian villages (Makaryevskaya, Ka by theoherbots

I took this shot of my trip to Patagonia this year. For this I went out at night to be at this place in time. by theoherbots

Nikkor 20mm 1:1.8G by theoherbots

State Landscape Reserve "Blue Lakes", Minsk region, Belarus. by theoherbots

Pathway, Ilidza, Sarajevo, Bosnia by theoherbots

autumn's day by theoherbots

Stunning waterfalls in the Lake District surrounded by the autumn leaves. by theoherbots

Kingston Lacy Nov 2016 by theoherbots

This image was taken on a beautiful autumn day in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec Canada. by theoherbots

My other half: Aren't you happy I woke up up?
Me: Nooooo, now I have hundreds of new photos to edit. *grrrrrr*
Photographed a few mornings ago. I by theoherbots

Tepleton Woods in Dundee with a hint of fog. by theoherbots

Autumnal equinox by theoherbots

It needed years to get there again and find the conditions I wanted to have in this picture - especially the low water and nice light.
Austria can be  by theoherbots

Wisconsin Horizons By Phil Koch.
Lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. by theoherbots

Destiny Unknown by theoherbots

Deer Breath by theoherbots

Fall by theoherbots

About autumn , the light and fog .
© Александр Плеханов by theoherbots

Mushrooms by theoherbots

As I hiked through a Colorado aspen forest after the colors had peaked, I spotted a burst of color on the next slope and tracked it down. These few tr by theoherbots

1a by theoherbots

Fog by theoherbots

Autumn vibes ???? by theoherbots

The mist rising off the lake early morning at Glendhu Bay, Wanaka, New Zealand. by theoherbots

Shot in Abisko National Park in September at the peak of the autumn colors. by theoherbots

Autumn leaves carper the forest of Cloughleagh, Co Wicklow.  by theoherbots

 Fall foliage in Japan by theoherbots

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Autumn mood by theoherbots

Autumn mood by theoherbots by theoherbots

Autumn colors reflect into Oxbow bend along the Snake River below Mount Moran as the seasons change once again in Grand Teton National Park.
http:--1 by theoherbots

autumn by theoherbots

Mormon Row Evening by theoherbots

Something a little different from me. I wanted to capture the Autumn colors and do some focus stacking. This seemed to kill two birds with one stone : by theoherbots

Peekaboo by theoherbots

Puppy Luna by theoherbots

South Moravia - autumn
Follow me: by theoherbots

Big Shot by theoherbots

A long distance shot of a lonely deer on an autumn evening just as the sun started to set. by theoherbots

A ledge in Vermont over looking two ponds and mountains. I took this photo as the sun was going behind the mountains in the distance.  by theoherbots

Patagonia, Argentina 2017 by theoherbots

The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland, more recently famous as Kings road in the Game of Thrones Television series.
I had been waiting here since 5am,  by theoherbots

The daguerreotype by theoherbots

Cloughleagh forest, Co Wicklow in beautiful Autumn colour.  by theoherbots

My third picture from Kyoto. What a nice coincident to have now Kyoto in RGB. The red one from the Torii at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, the blue one fro by theoherbots

Morning Triumph by theoherbots

My best shot by theoherbots

Models:Claudia Coba &  Paula Carando Mecoleta
Casting: Kube Studio Barcelona by theoherbots

A small Connecticut town and the fall foliage behind it reflected into the clear Naugatuck River below. This photo encapsulates for me everything New  by theoherbots

Sunday, Nov 1st, was one of the best mornings of photography I've ever had. It started out at Derwentwater with the mist and fog adding atmospher by theoherbots

autumn Italy by theoherbots

Autumn forest by theoherbots

Japanese Maple at the Japanese Garden, Portland, OR by theoherbots

This is my gorgeous (and very patient) sister. The very first time I used the transforming technique I created for my "Flying Project" images. It is a by theoherbots

Autumn by theoherbots


Elk seizoen heeft zijn charmes om Natuurfoto’s te maken

Maar vanaf nu ga ik een bijkomende beschrijving maken van het seizoen waarin ik de foto’s heb gemaakt.

Te beginnen vanaf

Foto’s van de herfst

In de slider hier beneden zitten nog enkele foto’s van vorig jaar en enkele over Paddenstoelen die ik dit jaar maakte.

Maar gans de Herfst door, zal ik op verschillende plaatsen, op verschillende ogenblikken van de dag en bij verschillende weersomstandigheden (want dit kan de foto’s enorm beïnvloeden) Nieuwe reportages aanbrengen onder de titel Theo-Herbots-Herfst-Fotografie en de datum

Maak kennis met Theo-Herbots-Herfst-Fotografie

Waarom ik de nadruk leg op fotograferen in verschillende seizoenen

Een natuurlijke wereld

Laat de boel even de boel en geniet van de prachtige geschenken die de natuur te bieden heeft.

U weet nooit wat voor schoonheid u dit keer zult aantreffen in deze weergave. Theo-Herbots-Herfst-Fotografie streeft ernaar een bron van plantenkennis te zijn en bezoekers aan te moedigen om goede rentmeesters van de natuur te zijn en voorzichtig om te gaan met het milieu.

Kom weer in contact met de natuur –

Wat wij willen bereiken

Waarom de natuur zo belangrijk is

Gedurende de seizoenen maken de planten veranderingen door.

Deze veranderingen hangen af van de grond waar ze in staan, het weer en het verloop van het voorgaande seizoen.

Het milieu en de biodiversiteit zijn erg belangrijk.

Om deze te behouden, moeten we ons best doen zo duurzaam mogelijk te zijn.

Wat voor planten u kunt verwachten in De Natuur

De Natuur huisvest enkele van de meest prachtige en zeldzame planten en bloemen . Wat er te zien is, hangt af van het seizoen en de weersomstandigheden.



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2 thoughts on “Theo-Herbots-Herfstfotografie deel 3 ||Theo-Herbots-Autumn photography part 3

  1. Sarah's Attic of Treasures 7 oktober 2020 at 09:46

    These photos are amazing, Theo. Simply awesome. I love the bright colors. Hugs My friend.

    1. Theo Herbots 7 oktober 2020 at 11:00

      Thanks Sarah.
      Such a wonderful compliment, gives me energy to continue with it.
      Greetings ❤💛😀


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