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Where did you take this photo?

I made this photo in my beautiful city of Tienen. Every year there is a winter magic festival from a few weeks before Christmas to a few days after New Year.
The mood lighting is so beautiful that I couldn't resist taking this photo (and others)

What time of day?

I have taken pictures here during the day, but if I see something that I want to capture on image, then I go back to this place at different times because the incident of light is different every time. I took this photo in the evening when it was completely dark and only the artificial Christmas lights could be seen

Anything worth sharing about lighting?

Only my Huawei iPhone

The only and only lighting that I used was the Christmas lights nothing else

What equipment did you use? (Camera, lens, tripod?, flash?, other?)

Only my Huawei iPhone

What inspired you to take this photo?

Like with all my photos.
I let my senses work and with something that gives me a pleasant feeling I spontaneously put my Huawei iPhone on top and capture my feelings with a photo

Did you do any post-processing? if yes, tell us about it!What equipment do you normally have in your bag?

Enkel mijn iPhone

The only thing I have done is to place a frame around the photo.
It strikes me that all my photos with which I have won an Award are photos that I placed in a frame.
This inspires me to place that in the future with all my photos that I submit to Vieuwbug in a frame

Any advice for others trying to capture something similar? (The more specifics the better)

Just this, take photos from your heart and soul and with all your senses, let the camera be just a means to do this.
Make sure you always have something to take with you.
Some images can often only occur once in your life.
Make sure you capture them and not regret that this moment has passed without you being able to capture it and only keep it in your brain without being able to share it with others.
Albert Einstein once said: “creativity is intelligence that makes people happy”
Apply this in your photography, be attentive and creative and achieve happiness.


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