Old City bears the brunt of Islamic State’s last stand in Mosul

A message that fits very well with my other message #HLNTienen NOOIT MEER OORLOG !!!/ NEVER WAR AGAIN !!! /KEIN KRIEG MEHR !!! / PLUS DE GUERRE !! πŸ‘βš οΈβš οΈπŸ”† Sincerely Theo Herbots Theo Herbots the voice from #Tienen Advertenties

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Freedom isn’t free

Bron: Freedom isn’t free Zie ook mijn bericht https://groetenuittienen.blog/2017/03/27/nooit-meer-oorlog-never-war-again-kein-krieg-mehr-plus-de-guerre/ Bron: Radiate Theo Herbots the voice from #Tienen Bewaren