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De Tips hier beneden zijn weliswaar in het Engels omdat het een Herblog-Bericht is van een Engelstalig bericht. Maar voor diegenen die het Engels machtig zijn zou ik toch willen aanraden om Het Bron-Bericht hier beneden eens te bekijken, daar staan nog veel meer adviezen die bovendien nog regelmatig worden aangevuld door andere Bloggers

Tips for Bloggers ARRRGGHHHH!!! That was me screaming when I first started to blog, so much advice, by so many people saying so many different things and always all about the same thing! It is no wonder people find that first blog hard. Lots of this blogs readers have been asking for blogging tips when really I know very little about it, so this page is for all us bloggers because by learning from each other we can all improve, even myself.Are you working with Google Adsense or Amazon Associates? If so you could be earning even more money from them! If you are working with Google Adsense, you can sign up to Ezoic with this link: http://ezoic.comOrIf you are working with Amazon Associates you can sign up to Genius Link and start earning even more with this link:“>> Both these services are 100% FREE and I’ve been using both for a number of years so I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have about either of them.Do you have some advice to offer people? Well if you do just drop me a comment right here or drop me a E-Mail: and I will not only place your tip here but I am happy to also give you a link back to your own blog so people can see how good you really are! So the first 3 are from mine and the rest of these tips for bloggers are written by some of the best bloggers around! So please do get in touch because this page is for EVERYONE!

Tip (1) = Is your blog not getting the traffic you want it to?!? Well here is a news flash for you, unless you are already famous your blog is not “The field of dreams.” If you build it they will not come. But if you go and get people and introduce them to it them I’m sure they will love it! So go on Twitter and FB and find people who love talking about blogs relating to yours. All social media sites have a search option, so search for the things you like “craft, sci-fi, UK” whatever and follow them, become friends with them! Only then will you start to grow. You already have a public blog so go out there and SHOUT ABOUT IT!From: MYSELF

Tip (2) = Pick a lane and stick to it! You only see crazy drivers all over the roads so why do it with your blog!?!? Just stick to what you know and DON’T CHANGE IT! If you just want to blog random things about your life then do it because loads of people including myself love to read them. But in the same week don’t start talking about how to make money using twitter or some junk like that. One road + one path = One Goal!From: MYSELF

Tip (3) = Don’t give up the day job! Blogging will can only make enough to live on for a VERY SMALL amount of people who to be fair to them were mostly already famous writers or famous in their chosen area of writing. Can you make money blogging? Yeah sure! But unless you are one of the already mentioned ‘Famous’ or ‘Expert’ people there is only one way to do it and here is the absolute truth…IT TAKES YEARS OF HARD WORK!!!From: MYSELF

Tip (4) = my initial readership dwindled when my computer was broken…after a few months I replaced it…I started posting again but no one was visiting…so I rebooted the blog this year and that seems to have worked…so I would say post regularly and stay relevant.From:

Tip (5) = if you don’t get as much attention as you expect when you try your best – don’t give up. Find another reason for blogging apart from generating traffic (such as proving that you can commit to something on a long-term basis, etc) and stick to it. And then all the attention will eventually come.From:

Tip (6) = If you want to increase your readership one way is to read other people’s blogs and leave comments. Try and engage other bloggers and contribute to their debates. You will soon find bloggers reciprocating and your traffic will start to rise.From:

Tip (7) = My tip is to do what I am doing today. Spend some time looking at other blogs, liking and READING other people’s posts, commenting when it moves you. Then have a look at the blog directory widgets or links that people have. Are you listed? If not, then spend a bit of time adding your site and the reciprocal link. One of my earlier posts resulted in someone reposting me to their site (, and since then we have become reciprocal fans. I send him traffic, he sends me traffic. We appreciate each other’s efforts. To me, that is the key. Networking with real people. Sincerely. That is how you get long-term readership, and friends.From:

Tip (8) = How do you expect to receive anyone to come to your blog if you don’t announce it to social networking websites? That’s like having a yard sale in the middle of the woods. Unless you live near the city or a reasonable suburban area, you might find that browser or blog surfer (homeless bum or hiker) walking through.In addition, it’s quality over quantity. I have written roughly around 60 blog posts that have an average word

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  1. Toortsie – 'n Flitsliggie wat oral inskyn, ook waar dit soms ongemaklik is... A Flashlight whose light shines everywhere, even on places where it is not so comfortable.
    Toortsie 14 juli 2017 at 19:15

    Baie dankie vir uitstekende raad.

  2. untoldphrases – Too Realistic with deep and twisted thoughts.
    untoldphrases 14 juli 2017 at 20:22

    Amazing, thankyou so much for the tips. Glad to see we are all so much concerned about one another.
    “One Road + One Path = One Goal” well said.

  3. friedab2015 – Amsterdam – Ik ben bijna 73 jaar in april en ben getrouwd, heb een katje en ik houw van lezen en schrijven. Misschien ga ik een leesclubje oprichten of ik wurm me ergens tussen ook al heb ik grote moeite met "dames" en zij met mij, want ik had 't al eens eerder geprobeerd ... Ik wil al die wijven niet in m'n keuken hebben met al hun commentaar. Ik klim vast tegen de keukenkastjes op ... Ik ben dus huisvrouw en dat vinden ze maar niks. Kortom, Elfriede bestaat niet. Ze weten het beter ... Nee, ik weet zelf niet wie ik ben . . . Elfriede, zaterdag 21 januari 2017
    friedab2015 15 juli 2017 at 10:27

    Deze is voor vandaag, zondag 15 juli ’17, schitterend in één enkele zin: “Jezelf liefhebben is het begin van een levenslange romance.” Oscar Wilde Hiermee moet ik ’t dan maar mee doen en dat vind ik wel eenzaam … Theo! Schrijf maar Frietje of Friet op z’n Jordanees … Amsterdam, op de Kop van Jut = Elfriede Boellaard-Heinzel –

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