Sluit je aan met Theo Herbots bij Antwerp WordPress Meetup //Join Theo Herbots at Antwerp WordPress Meetup

“Sluit je aan en wees een van de eerste wanneer we nieuwe Meetups aanmaken”.

About Meetup

Meetup brings people together in thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life. It is organized around one simple idea: when we get together and do the things that matter to us, weโ€™re at our best. And thatโ€™s what Meetup does. It brings people together to do, explore, teach and learn the things that help them come alive.

For example, people run marathons, thanks to running Meetups. They write, thanks to writing Meetups. They change their careers, thanks to career Meetups. Because at Meetups, people welcome each other. They talk, help, mentor, and support each other โ€“ all in pursuit of moving their lives forward.

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Bekijk in de volgende serie video’s, hoe beginnen, waarom beginnen enz.

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Brussels Filmmakers

Brussels, BE
366 Members

We will come together in the center of Brussels in summer 2016 for the first time with Film and Video as a common interest. More details will follow. If you are a filmmaker or…

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Brussels Nutrition and Weight Loss Meetup

Brussels, BE
665 Members

Hi, this meetup was established to inspire like-minded people to regain their physical and mental wellbeing. It all started with 2 ladies –ย let me share their story and ultima…

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Italian Slow Food, Fine Cuisine & Wine

Brussels, BE
1,937 Italian Slow Food Lovers

This Meetup group is addressed to:โ€ขย Those who love constantly being surprised by Italian new tastes, smells, dishes and wines;โ€ขย Those who want to know the source of food (Sl…

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Welcome to The Leuven Film Club!

Leuven Film Club

Leuven, BE
982 Film Lovers

A meetup group for lovers of cinema and film of all kinds in the Leuven area. Get together to watch the latest big release in Kinepolis or smaller more independent releases in…

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Brussels Networking Club – (Belgians welcome) (1500+)

Brussels, BE
1,501 Networkers

One can never know too many people in business or in ones social life. It is extremely hard to meet other business people in Brussels or other professionals who have similar l…

Next Meetup


Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018, 7:00 PM
1 Attending

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Bekijk mijn ganse Meetup-Profiel, dat nog stelselmatig zal worden bijgewerkt

Voor onmiddellijke toegang tot het profiel ==>>KLIK HIER

Central Park Sketching & Art Meetup Group

New York, NY
6,619 Members

Been meaning to draw more? Or enjoy Central Park more?Do both – and meet great people too!Come relax and learn with New York’s largest drawing Meetup Group.We welcome pe…

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The Sketcher in the Rye: Central Park duck pond & carousel

Saturday, Nov 10, 2018, 11:00 AM
88 Attending

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Theo Herbots the voice from #Tienen

Bron: Soil









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