Note: Not all members are blocked due to spam-related reasons. In order to stay in the good graces of email providers, Meetup blocks the accounts of users who have not logged in to the site in over 6 months and whose email addresses no longer work.​

Meetup is a platform that helps real people build real community. Sending impersonal, repetitive, or solicitous messages doesn’t build authentic, lasting relationships between members.

We have filters in place to protect members from receiving messages that are not relevant to them. Accounts may be blocked if our filters identify messages as spam.

Remember to keep messages personal, unique and human.

Why did I get blocked?

– You sent similar messages to many different members. This is considered spamming. (Hint: Avoid copying and pasting and try to keep messages personal.)
– You repeatedly reached out to members outside of your Meetup groups.
– Other members reported you for sending inappropriate messages or spam.
– You sent promotional offers or deals to members.

I’m an organizer and I’m having trouble sending one-to-one messages. What is happening? 

Our filters block messages that are unsolicited, promotional, irrelevant, or repetitive. Remember: Your members appreciate and deserve personal messages.

Your messages may flagged or blocked if you:

– Sent messages to members who are not in your Meetup groups.
– Sent messages to your Meetup group that do not relate to that Meetup group.
– Sent promotional messages. This includes promoting your Meetup group to members outside of your Meetup group.

Members can report other members who send unwanted or inappropriate messages. Our filters also alert us of this type of activity. Our Community Integrity Team reviews all reports and will block accounts that are flagged repeatedly.