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Dating help & how-to’s for millennials. From Snapchat, to chivalry, to communication skills, romance is a lost art. There is a right way to treat a lady.

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After receiving a literal miracle of finally having my hormones restart after a decade in recovery from a severe case of anorexia in high school, let’s just say, I’m not wasting any time in the man-friend department.

And I think I’ve finally discovered the truth behind the old adage, you’ve gotta date to find out what you don’t want in a partner. 


Leave it to NYC to show you the absolute highs and the absolute lows in life. And in this case, the dating scene.

This post is coming after an episode of being absolutely miffed. Like, just picture me, pacing, scratching my head, annoyed, slightly angry, feeling like…what in the world just happened?!

Human decency, people. Human decency.

I never in a million years thought that this would have to be said…I mean…common sense, right?

But alas, here is how to treat a lady


  1. I don’t know, maybe don’t make firm “TBD” plans with someone a week in advance, and then not give specific details until 25 minutes before she’s supposed to arrive.
  2. Chivalry isn’t dead: offer to pick her up. Or at the very least…call her an Uber…don’t make her call her own. Especially not in the rain…
  3. Here’s a shocker: maybe tell her she looks nice. Every other guy in the bar is noticing, perhaps you could just acknowledgethat she put some effort to look nice.
  4. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY! For crying out loud, go without your phone for an hour and a half. It’s not fun to feel as though you’re a distant second to a person’s technology.
  5. Same with a sports game. Unless you’re at a sporting event or a sports bar with the purpose of watching the game, peel your eyes off of ESPN. And for the love of all things good, refrain from shouting at the TV.
  6. Do not incessantly text, Snapchat, Instagram DM and Tweet intense conversations and build up how excited you are to hang out, and then fail to actually follow through. Some people actually believe that words have meaning.
  7. Do not ghost.
  8. Do not ghost.
  9. Do not ghost.
  10. Honestly, putting in the exhaustive emotional effort to get to know someone for three weeks, and then to vanish without a trace, is the epitome of rude. I get it, things come up, you meet other people, but have the decency – even a text message – of signing off, wishing them well, peacing out. You are not a child. Don’t act like one.

Oh the red flags I experienced are just…wow.

And not that I’m looking for a perfect prince charming, but there are just, some things that are non-negotiables.

And surely, I’m guilty of some red flags of my own, that I’m unaware of.

So here’s my question to you!

What is your dating advice?

Truly. Hit me with it. I’m here to learn, because the good Lord knows I’ve got a long way to go!

What are some of your experiences?



Bron: Dating Etiquette for the Social Media OBSESSED – BeautyBeyondBones

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