15+ Great Images That Celebrate Nature

15+ Great Images That Celebrate Nature

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best nature images in the Celebrating Nature Photo Contest with chances to win a Canon 5D MK III body or Nikon D800 body and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Michiel Pieters for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Michiel is a 26 year old, self taught freelance photographer based in Beringen, Belgium. He discovered his love for outdoor photography while on a road trip through New Zealand in the beginning of 2015. His work nowadays focuses mainly on the feeling he got being on the road for the very first time: Adventure. To offer a documentation of his travels on a constant basis, he uses different media platforms such as Instagram. Where with a combined following of approximately 300,000 he quickly became one of Belgium’s biggest (outdoor) influencers.

“A Full House ” by terryc2K3K

“IMG_0714-1 ” by dirkluus264102

“Grey pup cleaning ” by janehodges864473

“Before the storm ” by willysanson699687

“The Dancer ” by lszlpotozky1K1K

“Brotherhood ” by claudiorussa658722

“Dharma ” by heathermoreton317495

“IMG_1953_HDR2_Beauty in the Making ” by SteveC_Photography4148

“I’m thiiiis big… ” by vladcech363241

“Male Leopard Yawn ” by mytmoss1K1K

“Kumtag II ” by smijh263373

“Camouflage ” by pjapk222290

“Chilling Fox ” by marcoimmervoll608776

“I see you looking at me ” by WoodlandPixels6491K

“Somewhere on the river ” by MaRock1K841

“Big Sky Country ” by KatnPat7101K

“Godafoss Experiment ” by Iceland1K674

“The Glowing Faces of El Capitan ” by GabrielCarlsonCreations7611K

“eat or be eaten 1 ” by Joerg5768

“Emmie, Frost ” by lauridonovick1K949

“Lonely ” by AntonioBernardino2K2K

“Animated Parrot Snake ” by wild-west1K1K

“Bastion Cascades ” by lake_of_tranquility606599

“A Pair ” by suzyfuquea411192

“The Sunrise Explorer ” by marcoitaliani131218

“Prairie dogs-1 ” by riddles45092033

“DESTINY UNBOUND ” by bpidala2031

“Grazing in the rain ” by RichardShore3550

“Sunrise Over Moose Pond ” by ConorEgan2640

“Tiny ” by paulwild2525

“Well, it’s a Puffin! ” by MadhouseHeaven2841

“Green n Gold ” by olliewhitham2631

“Elephants Hide marching ” by Hymakar3549

“Gentle Soul ” by aliceloder2650

“autumn forest ” by pixelmac852361

“Gotcha! . . . #osprey #scottishwildlife #bbcwildlifemagazine #scottishwild ” by howardashton-jones3442

“But Mom ” by labels_301530

“NW5A3184 ” by ClearBluePhoto3835

“Kumoi Falls, Japan ” by jamesharrisphoto3856

“Up up and away!!! ” by LeanneMWilliams3057

“Illumination ” by Pete_Rowbottom4049

“Winter Day ” by RickAustin740496

“Magical urros ” by alfonsomasedavarela2641

“Can I Come Down Now? ” by texaaronpueschel3847

“1410_Brent Cooke_001-2 ” by Hogzilla357568346

“Cold winter ” by p_vaida87120

“Hielo ” by josedevesa5697

“One-handed full grip hold ” by Mr_Spiff536466

“Mexican Grey Wolf ” by Dcrisp4355

“Independence Day ” by adrian-borda233389

“Coyote ” by brandonbroderick1K1K

“A wolfish grin ” by mikecasey2555

“Sunset at Havasu Falls! ” by adamkstagner6092

“Verliga ” by Konstantinos_Lagos1K787

“Yellowstone Falls Gloom ” by conniemcclaran1K685

“OUT OF THE BLUE ” by CreationScape5651K

“Forest ” by rumenzografov963488

“Northern Harrier Take-off ” by animalartist891593

“Beautiful Eagle Pose ” by shiningwillow1018259436

“Tundra Gray Wolf ” by Cherylnestico361538

“wave wall ” by abijur395631

“Rainy Superstition ” by wayneslandphotography139210

“NC Coyote ” by ericamo10689366

“Mama Great Horned Owl and her 2 owlets ” by rhonna184191

“Before The Capture ” by kellymarquardt136184

“gotcha ” by tazzzer62190308

“Great. White. ” by mattmarchant647285

“Close Encounters ” by NicolaPirondini260393

“Sunset ” by Markus_van_Hauten1832

“Secluded Waterfalls ” by sheliahuntphotography460320

“Mt Rainier pink ” by lmclain13370438

“Freedom ” by mmarriuss391643

“Bald Eagle having his say ! ” by Grenfell324566

“Portrait of a Fallow Deer Stag ” by NickBPhotoUK588838

“Golden Hills: Punta Aderci (CH) ” by luiginespeca506195

“The Lion king ” by johankoch487402

“Defense mode ON ” by thefrogeye314561

“Rage ” by joe_menggolo364557

“Rocky Route ” by garyalankophotography118233

“Kudu ” by mikehodgson91132

“E C R I N ” by EmmanuelVerzura91156

“Shell ” by vincentnaze81136

“P1030697 ” by AnyaKoch484221

“Fox pup (1 of 1) ” by Opticalimpressions134252

“1 ” by jasongines129219

“tiny flowers ” by pamramseycorey91143

“Sweet Creek Falls Oregon ” by Mspradlin116208

“Goldfinch in a blizzard ” by JackieT665526

“Hello ” by standeville4265

“Tim Burton’s Crab ” by MatW307433

“Boardman tree farm in fall ” by pennymiller353190

“maribelshelf ” by Tai2055206346

“Melting in the wavy ocean ” by petersvoboda864571

“Gentoo With Chick ” by alanpeterson1K775

“Focusing diagonally ” by Gahpir8041K

“Polish winter wildlife ” by Birmo1K850

“_VEB3692 ” by VEB1970756330

“Arctic Giants ” by Beyerphoto733568

“Eye contact ” by Simon_eeman644378

“Water Fall ” by Thatsguy738336

“Blue Lake ” by Boholm9521K

“Tête noir ” by herionjeanclaude7911K

“Middle Prong Falls ” by ryanshanahan1K508

“Easy Jump ” by zquentin8731K

“Good Morning! ” by mortenross868532

“IMG_5689 ” by fotki54849773

“Drangarnir arch ” by strOOp799627

“the King ” by bendikstalheim1K976

“Beaches of Cabo ” by dyanpratt897646

“snowy night ” by jessrelkoff995342

“Autumn Lane (Nevada 2007) ” by DAVIDBLAKLEYPHOTOGRAPHY9171K

“The perfect view ” by GiulioCobianchiPhoto755560

“La rivière Jacques Cartier. ” by gaston8821K

“”Summer Tanager” ” by DeanSmithPhotography626809

“Canyon Colors ” by chrisantoniniphotography709353

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2 thoughts on “15+ Great Images That Celebrate Nature

  1. perdebytjie – benoni – Ek is middeljarig,let wel,glad nie oud nie,met 'n onversadigbare nuuskierigheid oor die wêreld om my.Ek probeer bybly by die nuutste tegnologie,alhoewel ek effe gestremd is in daardie opsig.Dis verskoonbaar,want ek het nie daarmee groot geword nie! Ek is mal oor die natuur en neem graag foto's. Ek is 'n skeptikus en glo moeilik aan onbewysbare dinge. Ons reis baie,meestal in die natuur in.Ek het geen behoefte aan stede mense en museums nie..net stilte en my eie gedagtes.Ek is darem nie heeltemal 'n kluisenaar nie en geniet geselskap en vriende en pret. Ek is lief vir klassieke musiek en speel graag klavier vir my twee honde en ons huishulp.
    perdebytjie 18 november 2018 at 15:47

    Dit was nou heerlik om na te kyk! Fantastiese foto’s, Theo!

  2. AnneMarie – Sporten en bewegen loopt als een rode draad door mijn leven. Stil zitten is lastig, maar hoe pas je dat in naast de taken die je door te leven hebt gekregen.
    AnneMarie 19 november 2018 at 08:30

    Prachtige foto’s. Erg mooi.

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